Monday, June 6, 2011

through the years

Over the course of many years I really learned to perfect my voyeurism skills. I learned how to look and probably most important where to look. It was of course a lot easier and probably more rewarding back then as women wore dresses or skirts more often than they did slacks, and it was rare that a babe would go out in public in a dress with out wrapping her legs in nylon. So you could go and sit in a parking lot of a bank or some other business where women worked and if you were parked in the right place, you were almost always guarenteed a leg show. I used to go to a certain bank parking lot where the bank was in a plaza setting, so there were always cars around and nothing was suspicious. I soon became aware of about 3 different ladies that came to work around 8:30 in the am and left around 5:30 pm. These were not tellers but loan officers or something, all 3 were attractive and all dressed really nice, skirts pantyhose and high heels. So over time I positioned myself to where the best place to park was and even got myself a pair of binoculars to help me see better. I would go at least 4 times a week either in the morning or the evening and watch as these babes would come to work. It was better in the morning because it is easier to get a good show when they get out of the car instead of when they get in the car. So over time I was able to see these women, come to work and step out of the car and with my sight enhancers got to see what color of panties they wore, if they wore them, sometimes one of them would come with no panties on but 2 of them always did. So it was show time, and I used to get turned on thinking what would their husbands do if they knew  some guy was looking up their wives skirts and seeing their little panties underneath their pantyhose and then relieving himself over them. Those were the good old days.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

another show

In the same plaza area, there was a restaurant, which is no longer there either. The waitresses all wore a red dress, uniform, and little white apron. You must remember this is in the 70's and nurses wore dresses, waitresses wore dresses etc. The also all wore pantyhose. Man I long for those days again. Anyway, This restaurant opened at 11:00 am and stayed open till 9:00 pm serving lunch and dinner. All of the waitresses were young, by that no one over 30. I was sitting in the parking lot one summer day and was just getting ready to leave, because the shows just were not happening. I started the car then noticed the red corvette pulling up behind the restaurant, and quickly recognized the girl driving it as one of the waitresses  at the restaurant. She pulled up and the drivers door was facing me, so I decided to stay for a bit. Then the door opened. Her dress was pulled up to her waist so her beautiful legs were fully visable. The she leaned over to get her purse, which was on the passenger side floor. When she did this, her little black panties, underneath her nude pantyhose was staring me in the face. Instant hard on, but it got even better. She went to step out of the corvette, one leg out and she reached back to the passenger side of the car. This move caused her legs to spread, and I got to see all the way up her dress and see those little black panties tight against her pussy, all wrapped in nylon. It doesn't get much better than that.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This was one of my all time favorites

Years ago we had a plaza, and one of the stores was a bakery. It was nice, when it got dark early, you could go sit in your car at the plaza, right in front of the bakery and see everything inside. They had 2 young girls that worked the front, and one beautiful babe that worked in the back. The front of the bakery was all glass so you could see all. I used to go and park right in front of the store, and watch as the young girls started to pull the trays out of the cases and take them in the back at closing time. They would come out and start at the top, there were 3 shelves in each case, and work their way to the bottom. When they got to the bottom shelf, they would bend over to pull the trays out and their skirts would hike up to their waist and you could see a clear shot of their panties of course in pantyhose. Well the babe in the back would always come out but she would be wearing a full baker's uniform, white top and pants. I used to wish that just once she would wear a dress. So one night I am sitting there waiting for the show, she comes out of the back and she is in the shortest white dress uniform. I mean it barely covered her pussy. She came and started to empty the cases and when she bent over, I could only do one thing. You must know what that is. I was buldging in my crotch, as she bent over and her little dress climbed all the way up exposing that beautiful ass of hers, in her bikini panties and pantyhose. That is one of my favs. Oh I wish we still had those days.

Monday, May 30, 2011

always a good show.

We used to have a restaurant in the mall near us. The restaurant moved out 20 years ago, the mall is still small with no restaurants anymore, just a couple of fast food places. Anyway, back in the 70's I found out how great closing time could be. There was one little waitress, really cute, and it was her job around closing time to wipe all the tables down. Now keep in mind, all the girls then wore dresses and skirts. So at closing time, I found my seat on a bench right at the entrance to the restaurant. What a show this little girl would put on. she would slide into a booth to wipe down the table, and check salt and pepper shakers. as she slid in, of course her skirt would ride up and she would inadvertenly spread her gorgeous legs, and the show was magnificent. I would get full views of panties underneath her pantyhose.It was great looking up her dress night after night. Wow the memories.

Friday, May 27, 2011

strip poker in school

Way back high school, like the last week of school, things would really relax. We could play games and do other things. Me and 2 other friends decided we would play poker. So after a few hands, Bonnie walked up and ask if she could play. Of course we didn't mind. Now Bonnie was cute, not a beauty or anything but small and nice. We thought we would have some fun so we decided maybe make it interesting and play strip poker. Now we all knew that we could not take anything off sitting in a class with other kids and a teacher, so we decided to improvise. If you lost a hand you would have to just show as much as you could get away with. Well of course, Bonnie did not know anything about poker, so guess who would lose? First hand we told  her just to unbutton her blouse and let us see her bra. She was a little embarrassed but unbuttoned it, keeping an eye out for the teacher, who was absorbed in a book. So we all looked and liked. Next hand we told her to unhook her bra and let us see her tiny titties. So she reached behind her unhooked her bra, unbuttoned her blouse and we got to see her tits. Her nipples of course were hard as a rock, small but nice. Next hand, she lost again, so we told her to lift her skirt up spread her legs and let us look up her skirt. At first she was a little hesitant, but did. So each of us one by one, looked under the table at her legs in pantyhose, and her little white panties underneath. The next hand, we told her to go to the bathroom and take her panties off but leave her pantyhose on and we would all look again. She did as she was told, and we all got to see her tight little pussy underneath her pantyhose. Girls didn't shave back then so it was a real treat. Thanks Bonnie.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun in school

Back when I was in high school, from 9th grade up, it was exciting. At least some of it was. Things of course were different in the 60's and 70's than they were now. by the time the 60's were in, girls were starting to convince their mothers, that they were old enough to go from bobbie socks, to wearing a garterbelt and nylons. At this time only the older women dressed like this. Little did the mom's know that there were a lot of young teen boys, like myself, (I don't think I was the only one), that had just stepped into leg heaven. I don't think the mom's knew that me, and others would now be doing all we could to look up their daughter's skirts and see where the nylons ended, the garter hooks were attached to the nylon, and hopefully see a glimpse of panties. Another thing to remember about that era, these teen girls did not shave their pubes so you could sometimes get a glimpse of pussy hair, which was a thrill in itself. I was a fairly popular guy so I had some girl friends that liked me and let me have some fun peeking. There were 2 girls especially, Darlene and Nancy. They would tease me and, when I looked their way, would slide their skirts up and let me see the tops of their nylons.  Most girls though, you really had to work at it to get a show. stay tuned......

my love of womens legs

I am a guy that just loves to see a woman's legs especially when they are encased in nylon. I really love pantyhose, and have since they came into being.I really wish that more women today would wear them. When I see a woman in a dress or skirt, the first thing I do is look at the legs to see if they are bare or if they are dressed. Now don't get me wrong, if she is wearing nylons hooked with a garter belt I get just as turned on. The point being, I love women's legs and I love nylons.

In this blog I am going to tell you about all the fun I have had looking up womens dresses and skirts, and what a thrill it has been. I can tell you that all of these stories I will tell you are true. I have been around for quite a few years, being born in 1955 and have seen a lot. I hope you enjoy, and comment as well.